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HeatherLeigh Swimwear is designed with purpose to accentuate and flatter your body, whether you're more curvaceous or athletic. By combining luxurious Italian textiles with adjustable straps, seamless seats, and adaptable leg lines, we believe we’ve created suits that will fit and flatter every body. 

A Note On Our Sizing

At HeatherLeigh, we believe that all bodies are beautifully different and shouldn't be labeled as “small”, “medium”, or “large”. Instead, we’ve created a new way to size your swimwear that we hope will make you feel more confident.  See below for further details.

Less Is More

A common mistake that curvier women make when purchasing swimwear is choosing pieces, especially bottoms, that will cover them up.  A fuller seat bottom usually has restricting elastic on the leg and seat line that, not only sits in unflattering positions (under the butt), but cuts into your cheeks causing an unpleasant ripple effect.  All HeatherLeigh bottoms are Brazilian cut and seamless in the seat giving you a lifted, smooth look and comfortable second-skin feel.

Lets Get High

With our leg lines, that is. Because of our unique curved and "v'd" cuts, your bikini will sit higher on your hips. A higher cut leg line does the body sooo good! It makes your legs look longer, your hips look curvier, and your waist look slimmer. Who doesn’t want that? If that's not for you and you prefer a more straight across hip hugger style, the bottom is engineered to lie flat in that position as well. 

This fit guide serves as a guide only. Should you have further questions, feel free to reach out to our fit specialists at info@heatherleighswimwear.com

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This triangle is cut smaller than your usual string bikini, following our belief that less is more. The halter neck and back straps are ties, allowing you to customize your perfect fit. If you prefer more coverage for your classic string, order size •••.  

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This bottom is our spin on the classic side-tie string. The front is curved and the back is “v’d” providing the option for side ties to sit higher on the hip, while keeping the rise of the suit in its place rather than hiking half way up your back. The seat is Brazilian cut and finished seamlessly with no elastic to dig into your tush, sitting effortlessly on your body and giving you a "second-skin" feel. 

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This bralette will give you more support and slightly more coverage than our string top.  The shoulder and back straps are adjustable and there is a princess seam for added sophistication. Keep or remove the padding, depending on your preference. 

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This bottom gives you the option to customize the fit each time you wear it with its adjustable sliding side tabs. Like the Harlow, the front and back are curved providing the option for side straps to sit higher on the hip, while keeping the rise of the suit in its place, rather than hiking half way up your back. The seat is Brazilian cut and finished seamlessly with no elastic to dig into your tush, sitting effortlessly on your body and giving you a "second-skin" feel. 


How To Care For Your Suit

Swimwear is made of delicate knit fabric and exposed to many harsh elements such as salt, chlorine, and sunscreen. The longevity of your suit depends largely on how you care for it. 

  • Rinse your suit immediately after wearing. (Pro tip: wear it in the shower!).

  • Hand wash your suit with an unscented, moisturizer free, mild hand soap.

  • Never ring out your suit to dry. Instead, lay it flat on a towel, roll the towel, and squeeze gently to remove excess moisture.

  • Finally, lay it flat to dry indoors. It's important not to hang your suit to dry. This will stretch out the fabric.