Frequently Asked Questions

"What size do I wear?"

Our suits have a wide range of adjustability and size depends on your preference of coverage. Refer to our Fit Guide for more details.

"Will I like a Brazilian cut bikini?"

It’s our belief that a Brazilian cut bottom is MUCH more flattering than a full seat bottom. Full seat bottoms usually have elastic in the leg & seat line that cut in, rather than sit on top of, your beautiful curves creating an unpleasant ripple effect. In addition to that, more fabric coverage over your bum tends to make it look larger (not in a good way) and saggy. Not only do our bottoms have the most perfect flattering backside/leg line cut, but they are also seamlessly finished with no elastic to dig into your tush. The back rise is slightly “v’d” preventing the suit from riding too high up on your back.

"How will your suits fit me?"

All of our suits are meant for minimal coverage and to accentuate your body. Refer to our Fit Guide for more detail.

"Can I mix & match different style bodies and colors?"

Yes! All of our pieces are meant to be worn together. That means, if you purchase 4 pieces from one collection, you’ll have lots of different combinations to fit your daily mood. Solid bottoms look great with color blocked tops and vise-versa.

"I placed my order, but didn't get a confirmation email. Did you receive my order?"

Please allow 24 hours for your confirmation email. If you don't receive it within that time, email us at

"How do I track my order?"

You will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number within 24 hours of when your order was placed.

"Can I cancel or make changes to my order?"

Cancellations must be done before the order has been shipped. If you'd like to make changes to your order, we'd be happy to do so, as long as it hasn't been processed. If you'd like to change or cancel your order, please email us promptly at

“I like to try on my swimwear before I purchase it. Are HeatherLeigh suits available in any stores?”

We currently only sell online direct to customer. We understand that fitting a bikini can be tough, which is why we’ve created a detailed Fit Guide. If you have any more questions about what size to purchase, contact our fit specialists at

"How long will it take to receive my swimwear?"

This will depend on what shipping method you chose at checkout. Please allow an additional 2-3 business days for processing.

"I’d like to become a HeatherLeigh brand ambassador. How do I apply?"

If you are 18 years old or older and have at least 1k followers on your public Instagram account, please email us at with your Instagram handle and why you think you'd be perfect to represent our brand.

"Do you sell wholesale to boutiques or stores?"

If you're interested in selling HeatherLeigh Swimwear in your store, contact us at

"What type of fabric is HeatherLeigh Swimwear made of?"

We use high-end Italian Carvico™ fabrics which are  80% polyamide and 20% elastane.

"What is your return policy?"

Please see our Returns and Exchanges page.